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What material is eva in depth analysis?

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For us laymen, the mention of eva should be a fog. We don't know what it is or what it is used for. In fact, it is very common around us. As long as you pay attention to it, you will see its shadow. But when you see its finished product, you do not know what kind of material eva is. It is inevitable that you will feel that your knowledge is shallow. Today, I will take you to carefully understand what kind of material eva is and its use and function, hoping that you can gain something.

1、 What material is eva?

Eva is a kind of material which has rubber elasticity at room temperature and can melt and flow at high temperature. The material of eva is copolymerized by ethylene and acetic acid. eva is still widely used in many fields, and the annual market consumption in China is also increasing, especially in the shoemaking industry, which is used in the sole and interior materials of medium and high-end tourism shoes, hiking shoes, slippers, sandals.

Eva is characterized by good flexibility, rubber like elasticity, good flexibility, transparency and surface gloss at - 50 ℃, good chemical stability, good anti-aging and ozone resistance, and non-toxic. It has good compatibility with filler, colorability and shaping processability. Eva is widely used in the fields of foamed shoe materials, functional film, packaging mold, hot melt adhesive, wire and cable, toys, etc.

2、 The main role of eva

1. Eva materials generally have very good softness and strong chemical corrosion resistance. In addition, eva materials also have strong elasticity. Therefore, eva materials can be used to make various footwear products. It can make us feel more comfortable in the process of using eva products, and the service life will increase accordingly.

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