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Learn about EVA plastics

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EVA plastics and resins are characterized by good flexibility, rubber like elasticity, good flexibility at - 50 ℃, good transparency and surface gloss, good chemical stability, good aging resistance and ozone resistance, and non-toxic. It has good mixing property with filler, good coloring and molding processability.

EVA resin is widely used. Generally, the main products of EVA with ethylene acetate content below 5% are films, wires and cables, LDPE modifiers, adhesives, etc; EVA products with ethylene acetate content of 5%~10% are elastic films; EVA with 20~28% vinyl acetate is mainly used for hot-melt adhesives and coating products; The content of vinyl acetate is 5%~45%, and the main products are films (including agricultural films) and sheets, injection molding, molding products, foaming products, hot-melt adhesives, etc. For example:

(1) Film, sheet and laminated products: It has sealing, adhesion, softness, strength, toughness and compactness, and is suitable for elastic packaging film, heat shrinkable film, agricultural film, food packaging film, laminated film, and can be used as the intermediate layer of polyolefin laminated film.

(2) General articles: It has the advantages of flexibility, resistance to environmental stress cracking, and good weather resistance. Materials suitable for industrial use include power wire insulation leather bags, household appliances accessories, window sealing materials, etc.

(3) Daily groceries include sporting goods, toys, cushions, straps, sealed container covers, EVA rubber football, etc.

(4) Auto parts include shock absorbers, mudguards, interior and exterior decorative parts, etc.

(5) Foaming products: pressurized foamed plastic slippers, sandals, building materials, etc. Injection foam has a variety of industrial parts, women's sole, hot-melt adhesive, etc.

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