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What are the advantages of eva lining production process?

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As the packaging lining material, the eva lining is made by CNC computer engraving machine in an integrated way. The benefits of this process are self-evident, because eva lining can be made into products of different specifications and shapes, as long as customers provide corresponding drawings or samples. Today, let's learn about the advantages of eva lining in the production process?

First, let's understand the principle of eva lining. Eva lining material, commonly known as eva foam, is a new environmental protection packaging material. Eva material is made of eva foam. The utility model overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary styrofoam, such as friability, deformation and poor recovery. The eva lining material has water and moisture resistance, shockproof, sound insulation, heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection and impact resistance Eva lining material also has good chemical resistance and is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials.

Advantages of eva lining process:

EVA lining has good functions of shockproof, buffering, anti-seismic, shaping and moisture-proof.

1. EVA materials are selected based on the total thickness of the product, and try to keep the materials as a whole rather than multi-layer bonding;

2. The internal structure can be programmed according to any shape of the concave and convex of the product, and the internal size is consistent with the size requirements of the product;

3. The reaming size and multiple depth levels are automatically produced according to the programmed program;

4. The size of the notch shall be 1.5 mm, the depth of the notch shall be 0.5 mm, and the depth can be about 120 mm;

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